Shot of the day-Flare

Happy presidents day peeps, here is a photo from Naples Florida I took a couple weeks ago. This is the sunset in the West Coast of Florida on the Gulf. Drop me a line in the comments below, share with your friends and please Subscribe. Thank you for dropping by.

Edin ChavezShot of the day-Flare
Standing Still

Day time long exposure tutorial

Day time long exposure tutorial As usual I went out shooting all day yesterday. I was actually making a video on how to make a time lapse, but next thing you know I got side tracked by my surroundings (one of the reasons I love photography) and I started shooting long exposures. Next thing you know I was making a …

Edin ChavezDay time long exposure tutorial
Ballons in the Mountains

Shoot of the Day-Ballons in the Mountains

Good morning peeps and happy Saturday. So yesterday it was raining all day forcing me to stay in and edit many photos, here is my favorite creation. I took this photo at the Reno Ballon Races last year. By adding some textures this is what I came up with. What do you think peeps? If you enjoyed this post, drop …

Edin ChavezShoot of the Day-Ballons in the Mountains